Savor Every Morsel

It seems like summer is coming to an end.  And that makes me want to cry.  I love summer.  I love everything about summer.  Well, not the bugs.  I don’t like the bugs.

But I can’t dwell on things I can’t change.  I have three weekends left in summer (in my life, summer ends when college football begins) and I’m going to savor every morsel.

And I’m still working on that Summer To-Do List!

1.  Enjoy a glass of wine on the sand at the beach.

2.  Have a pool day with the girls.  (Cocktails included.)

3.   Master “curling” my hair.

4.  Visit a food truck.

5.  Eat watermelon like a kid (wedges!  with juice running down my arm!).

6.  Host a cookout.

7.  Laugh until my stomach hurts.

8.  Movie night at home, popcorn required.

9.  Ride bikes at the beach.

10. Listen to music at an outdoor event.

I thought we were going to be heading to the beach this weekend but our plans have changed.  I’m super bummed but it doesn’t look like the weather would have made for a lot of fun-in-the-sun.

But I can promise that the weekend is going to be filled with laughing, delicious food and a cocktail or two.

Here are my favorite finds on Pinterest to inspire my weekend:

Favorite Sangria:  Ripe summer peaches, crisp and bubbly prosecco...what else do you need in life?

Favorite Pizza:  After savoring the last of the blackberries from last weekend, a Grilled Blackberry Pizza with Goat Cheese, Pistachios and Honey makes me want to go to Durham and grab some more plus some fresh goat cheese.

Favorite Quote:  Despite being bummed about not going to the beach, I need to cherish every.single.weekend I get to spend with Big Guy.

Favorite Flavor Combination:  Grilled shrimp + cilantro + peanuts + lime = best appetizer ever.

Favorite Salad:  Perhaps it’s a favorite because it involves pork belly.  But that is on Big Guy’s cooking “bucket list.”

Favorite Use of Local Bacon:  Speaking of pork, I have some bacon to use that we picked up at the farmers’ market.  But I’m not complaining.  The mushrooms and bell peppers almost make me want to consider them healthy.

Favorite View:  Despite the fact that I won’t be next to a body of water, I can assure you that I will enjoy a glass of wine tonight and thank the good Lord for all that I have.


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