Friday Favorites

I’m starting to stress.  I have 23 days to complete my Summer To-Do List (and until I’m 30 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!).

1.  Enjoy a glass of wine on the sand at the beach.

2.  Have a pool day with the girls.  (Cocktails included.)

3.   Master “curling” my hair.

4.  Visit a food truck.

5.  Eat watermelon like a kid (wedges!  with juice running down my arm!).

6.  Host a cookout.

7.  Laugh until my stomach hurts.

8.  Movie night at home, popcorn required.

9.  Ride bikes at the beach.

10. Listen to music at an outdoor event.

I’ve been practicing the “curling” of the hair.  I might have mastered it enough to wear in public soon.  And I think we’re going to try and knock out #4 this weekend (wish me luck!).

Enjoy my non-stressful favorites….

Favorite Ocean Front Property:  I dream of living in this house one day.  Yes, this exact one.  But I’ll have to make sure it has a pool in the back.

Favorite Guest Bathroom:  I adore coral.  I mean, it was one of my wedding colors.  But how divine is it in a small guest bathroom?

Favorite Top:  Big Guy has created a monster.  I have way too many of these Lilly tops.  Not only can I wear them pretty much any where (work, play, etc) but they’re super comfortable.

Favorite Mini-Treat:  I’m obsessed with trifles.  And how adorable are these mini-trifles?  Layers of chocolate and peanut butter chocolate chip cookies sounds absolutely perfect.

Favorite Statement:  All black outfit, simple hair and makeup and an amazingly bold necklace.

Favorite Living Space:  Big Guy won’t like this inspiration “pin” but I’m still admitting it’s a favorite.  The light pink and grey were made for one another.

Favorite Bar:  Is this too much to ask for?  (Perhaps it is, but I know Big Guy will at least like the inspiration.)

Favorite Weekend Quote:  

Favorite Burger:  This is the lovechild of my favorite burger and Big Guy’s favorite burger.  Crispy shallots + Bacon + Brie + Beef + Sweet Date Aioli!!!!!!

Favorite “This might be dinner Saturday night.”:  I’ve got a hankering for Mexican food.  I hope Big Guy does, too.  This is one of the recipes he has to choose from.  Brisket Tacos.  

Favorite Appetizer:  I’m also in the mood for some guacamole.  (I really hope Big Guy and I are on the same page…)  And the contenders are:  Spicy Cheesy Guac, Grilled Guac or Cumin and Charred Corn Guac.

Favorite Re-Pin:  I’m fairly certain this has been a favorite before – I just haven’t gotten around to making a frosty coconut mojito.  Well, no excuses.  Mark my word, I will wash down an appetizer of guac with a frosty coconut mojito.

Happy Weekend!


7 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

  1. Taylor and I left our bikes at the beach for the summer if you and Big Guy get the urge to go riding you’re more than welcome to use them! Or we can go for a big sister/little sister bike ride Labor Day Weekend!!! haha =)

    • Oooo, thank you!!!! I’m not sure where we’ll be Labor Day weekend =/ … it’s my 30th birthday that Saturday and the opening ECU Pirate game. xoxo Can’t wait to see you in a couple of weekends. Eeeeek!!!!

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