Summer Crostini with Whipped Roasted Garlic Goat Cheese

Last weekend was the epitome of summer.  I really wish every summer weekend was as perfect as last weekend.

Sunshine.  Long walks.  Mojitos.  Smell of sunscreen.  Tan lines.  Flip flops.  No worries.  Date night.  Wine on the beach.

And whipped roasted garlic goat cheese.

I’ve been hiding this recipe until our corn peaked.

Big Guy selected two ears of corn, a handful of tomatoes and some fresh basil on Friday before we left for the beach.  They were destined for a Saturday night appetizer.

Saturday was the most perfect day.  It started with a long morning walk and ended with a date night.  And whipped roasted garlic goat cheese made it even more perfect.

Start by roasting your garlic.  The garlic is then mixed with whipped cream cheese and goat cheese in a mini-food processor.  And yes, I travel with my food processor.  And my muddler.

Then combine the corn, tomato chunks, tomato and diced red onion with a little salt and pepper.

Serve with sturdy crackers (or crostini).

"appy" hour at the beach

“appy” hour at the beach

You simple slather on the goat cheese mixture on a cracker then top with the corn and tomato mixture.  Divine, I tell you, divine.

Fresh ingredients are simple irreplaceable.

perfect bite

perfect bite

This appetizer is the perfect taste of summer.

And the perfect beginning to date night.


2 thoughts on “Summer Crostini with Whipped Roasted Garlic Goat Cheese

  1. Love how you set the scene in the second sentence. Mojitos are my absolute favourite cocktail. It’s winter over here but I pine for summer. Platters for dinner is great over summer. Fun interactive food with minimal fuss.

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