BLT Hot Dogs

July is National Hot Dog month.  If you haven’t celebrated yet, you have 2 more dinner slots available.  Don’t wait.

I haven’t had a hot dog in what seems like forever.  And if I’m going to have a hot dog it must be grilled.  Super grilled.  I don’t really do the whole “boiled” hot dog thing.  Sorry, I’m not sorry.

These dogs are pretty simple.  




We added some relish, too.  Local relish from Chapel Hill.  It was spiiiiicy.

I also added some ketchup and mustard.

BLT dog

BLT dog

I used center cut bacon (because I don’t believe in fake bacon) and we found some amazing all-beef hot dogs at Whole Foods – 70 calories each!!!  Can I get an AMEN?

Hot Dog Month

Hot Dog Month

On the side, sauteed zucchini and red onion.  The zucchini may or may not have been sauteed in the bacon drippings.  Oh, and a pickle.  We can’t forget the pickle.

I loved this hot dog.  Perhaps it’s because I haven’t had one in so long or perhaps it’s because the ingredients were quality ingredients.  The tomatoes were fresh from the garden!  And those 70-calorie dogs didn’t taste light at all.  So flavorful.  And the perfect “snap” when you bit into the dog.

I should pretend it’s National Hot Dog Month more often.


One thought on “BLT Hot Dogs

  1. Can I please tell you I don’t think I’ve ever craved a hot dog until a few weeks ago when I was at a cook out and someone had hot dogs made wit beef from his uncle’s farm, and I saw that grilled, slightly charred–and split (so you know it’s REALLY good)–and I thought for a moment it was going to be a frickin’ hot dog–and not the pulled pork I have always imagined–that was going to turn me back into an omnivore. (If we don’t count the massive amounts of fish I’ve been eating.)

    Just wanted to share.

    Also, pickles are pretty much required at every meal during the summer. (And the fall….and the winter…and the spring…

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