Nachos with Fontina Queso and Candied Jalapenos

I can now cross #9 off my Summer To-Do List.  

1.  Enjoy a glass of wine on the sand at the beach.

2.  Have a pool day with the girls.  (Cocktails included.)  

3.   Master “curling” my hair.

4.  Visit a food truck.

5.  Eat watermelon like a kid (wedges!  with juice running down my arm!).

6.  Host a cookout.

7.  Laugh until my stomach hurts.

8.  Movie night at home, popcorn required.

9.  Ride bikes at the beach.

10. Listen to music at an outdoor event.

Well, minus the popcorn part.  We had nachos instead.  Delicious nachos dripping with fontina queso.

The minute I saw this recipe on the blog how sweet it is I knew my home grown jalapenos were destined for being candied.

Y’all!  These nachos are addicting.  Can’t stop, won’t stop.  The fontina was heavenly, so smooth and creamy.  And the jalapenos were still a bit spicy but sweet.  I didn’t want the pile of nachos to end.

movie nachos

movie nachos

Fontina alone is delicious but add in a little sweet onion and garlic and you have yourself one heck of nacho cheese.  (just to note, I used cornstarch instead of flour to make the cheese gluten free.)

Nachos aren’t new to me.  I’ve been a lover of nachos since the Hornets started playing basketball in Charlotte.  I used to love having a Daddy-Daughter date to the game where I always requested nachos and peanut M&M’s.  Those were the days.

I would recommend making a double batch – they’ll disappear in a flash.


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