Cookies and Cream Trifle

I finally used my new trifle dish!!!  And I was so proud of the final product.

It is full of all things wonderful:  chocolate.  The Cookies and Cream Trifle is a totally indulgent (not gluten-free) dessert.  But it was so worth the calories.

my first trifle!

my first trifle!

I have to be honest though – I didn’t make the brownies from scratch.  I used a box brownie mix and made it so that it was “cake” like.  I made the brownies the night before so that the trifle would come together in a flash.  The brownies must be completely cooled before assembling the trifle.  I made the trifle in the afternoon so that it had a few hours to hang out in the fridge.

This trifle would be the perfect addition to any BBQ that you may be going to this holiday weekend.

What’s your favorite trifle?  I plan on making a healthier-fruit based trifle very, very soon.


One thought on “Cookies and Cream Trifle

  1. Boxed brownies for the win!

    [Confession: My “famous” praline brownies usually start with Betty Crocker or Duncan Hines.]

    Trifles might be the best dessert ever. Now, if it were layered with ICE CREAM, too? Let’s get on that.

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