Rewind to Saturday {muffins, appetizer and drink link}

The past weekend was  Exhausting, but fun.

Saturday morning start bright and early with a wake up call from Haines.  She didn’t care that we had stayed up too late drinking wine and catching up.  She was ready for her adventure to Marbles Museum.  

muffin time

muffin time

While the adults drank their fuel (aka coffee), Haines enjoyed a French Breakfast Puff (basically, a cinnamon and sugar muffin).  I made the muffins Friday afternoon so that they would be ready when the troops were awake.



I’ve made these muffins before – though the last time I made them, I used butter instead of shortening and I made them into mini-muffins.  Also, I got to use my new KitchenAid mixer for the first time.  It made muffin making so much easier!!!  I’m in love with that thing.

Post-breakfast, we all got ready and hit the road to Raleigh.  Maggie and Brad went on their own adventure while Big Guy and I took Haines to Marbles Museum.  She had a blast and we had just as much fun watching her explore a new-to-her world.

watch out!

And I captured one of the most precious moments ever.


Big Guy simple adores Haines.

After a couple of hours, it was lunch time.  We decided on Centro and unfortunately, I was really disappointed.  They had great drinks (well, Brad didn’t have such luck) but the food just wasn’t what I expected.  I ordered a salad and while it was gorgeous, the chicken was the driest chicken I’ve ever eaten.  But I will say that the company was perfect.

pink hair and shades.

This picture collage is from Kennan – her and her fiance were able to meet up with us for lunch!  Her fiances meal (pictured above) was one of the better ones at the table.

pretty but dry.

pretty but dry.

I hate to complain about food but the flavors just weren’t there.

After we said our “good-byes” to Kennan and Joey, it was time to head home.

Thankfully the rain didn’t put a huge damper on our afternoon.  We hung out on the back deck, drank prosecco punch and played corn hole.  We also played in the corn.  Just kidding – but Big Guy did insist we take a picture with the corn.  The punch was super delicious.  I ended up using half the amount of puree that the recipe called for and half the amount of the frozen raspberries.  This drink will be made again!

cocktails and corn

Then it was appy hour!  I used my mixer again to pull together Paula Deen’s Hot Pimiento Cheese Dip.  The dip is addicting.  You’ve been warned.

dip it real good.

dip it real good.

I broiled it for a few minutes to make sure it got bubbly and slightly brown on top.  Perfection.  I also set out some blueberry goat cheese.  Normally this Trader Joe’s find is the hit of the party – but the hot pimiento cheese was the winner this time around.

blueberry goat cheese

blueberry goat cheese

A great day with an even greater family.

southern summer.

We can’t wait for this little nugget to come visit again!!!!!


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