Upcoming Weekend Plans

This has been a busy week!  Productive but busy.  Momma Bell has been in town the past two days helping me organize my kitchen – finding a place for all our new kitchen tools and gadgets and serving dishes.  I’m certain I have the most organized kitchen in our neighborhood.  Momma left this morning but my sister, brother-in-law and Baby Haines are on the way!  I am so excited for this weekend!!!  Instead of the usual Friday Favorites (I just haven’t had time to pin this week – GASP!) I’m going to give you a sneak peak into what might be cooking in my kitchen over the next few days.  It’s going to be a scrumptious few days.

Maggie and Brad will actually make it in time for dinner tonight, which I wasn’t prepared for (but I’m so excited about) and we have plans to grab drinks early in the evening – so it might be a crock pot dinner.  And it might actually be something I’ve made before (another GASP!) but Big Guy wasn’t home when I made it.

Dinner Friday night:  Crock Pot Sesame Honey Chicken over Rice with a veggie on the side.

Sesame Honey Chicken

Planning a menu with an almost 2-year old in mind is something I don’t have to do regularly.  But I think that this is kid-friendly (she’s not picky at all!) and it’s one of those set-it-and-forget-it kind of meals.  So while I’m toasted to KP’s 30th birthday, dinner will be cooking away.

Saturday AM:  We have a FUN day planned Saturday!  For breakfast, it’s going to be more of a grab-and-go kind of meals.  Fruit, yogurt and French Breakfast Puffs.  

Cinnamon and Sugar

I made these muffins years ago (probably 5 years ago) and they were on a recent episode of Pioneer Woman.  Big Guy doesn’t remember eating them so I think I’ll make another batch.  I have a feeling these little sweet muffins will make me Haines’ favorite auntie.  😉

Saturday lunch:  We’re grabbing lunch out of the house!  Hopefully I’ll have a fun place to share with you.

Saturday dinner:  Big Guy is set on making the Pioneer Woman’s beef tenderloin (total cowboy food).  We’re going to follow more of the recipe that she shared on her show but I’m excited – I love a good beef tenderloin.  On the side, a grilled summer vegetable platter.  The sauce that gets served on the side sounds divine!

grilled veggies

Now, we all know that I won’t be serving a Saturday dinner without an appetizer.  I have some blueberry goat cheese in the fridge that I know Maggie and I will devour.  But I’m also going to whip up Paula Deen’s Hot Pimiento Cheese.  Big Guy is so sad about the Paula Deen fall-out (that has gotten really out of control) so I figured I’d show Paula some love since the media isn’t.

hot pimiento cheese

And to sip?  Well, the boys will be boys, drinking ice cold beers and vodka but Maggie and I will be classing it up.  Raspberry-Peach Processo Punch will quench our thirst for an evening on the back deck.

sparkling punch

And for dessert – well, I’m going to keep mum about that.  But I will tell you that I”m going to break out my trifle dish!

Sunday morning:  A breakfast casserole!  I’ve had my eye on Cooking Light’s Sausage and Polenta Breakfast Casserole for a while now and I think this weekend is the weekend!  The best part – it’s prepped the night before.

break the fast

So there you have it.  Does that sound like a tasty weekend or what?

Now I just need Big Guy and Maggie to approve this menu…


One thought on “Upcoming Weekend Plans

  1. I think we are all pretty excited about our weekend menu in this household!!! Can’t wait for great food and great company over the next couple days!! We approve everything! 🙂

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