Curried Pork Salad Wraps

Big Guy proclaims that this dinner needs to be archived in my top 10 recipe list after he ate the leftovers for lunch.  That’s saying a lot.

I will happily make Big Guy a Curried Pork Salad Wrap any day of the week – it’s that easy.  I ultimately decided to make this for dinner because I had a frozen pork tenderloin in the freezer that caught my eye.  And I had everyone on hand except for the celery.

If you’ve never tried pork with curry powder, you are missing out!  Unless you don’t like curry.  And then I don’t know what to tell you – except to skip this recipe recommendation.

The pork is simply sauteed with curry powder and salt.  Then mixed with Greek yogurt, mayonnaise, celery, pistachios (one of my favorites!) and raisins (one of Big Guy’s favorites!).  I served my curried pork salad on a gluten-free tortilla.  And instead of putting the greens and mators on the wrap, I served them alongside the wrap in the form of a side salad.

curried pork salad wraps

curried pork salad wraps

This “pork” salad reminded me a lot of a light chicken salad – the mix of Greek yogurt and mayo makes it lighter and not quite as “rich.”  But the curry added so much flavor (as curry should do).  My favorite bites had a little crunch and nuttiness from a pistachio, the curried pork and a little sweetness from the raisin.  This salad would also be perfect served on top of a big ole salad – which is what I would have done with leftovers.  But Big Guy got to them first.

The sacrifices you make when you marry someone.

(only kidding – I totally let him have the leftovers.)


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