KP and Adam are married!!!

This past weekend we hopped on a plane and headed to Cincinnati to see one of our nearest and dearest friends tie the knot.  And it’s about time.  They’ve been together for over a decade and it meant the world to be invited to their hometown to be a part of their big day.  Here are a few pics from the weekend…I didn’t take nearly enough but honestly, that’s why she payed a photographer.

delay = wine

There was some horrible weather in our part of the state on Thursday and we ended up spending a good 6 hours in RDU.  Good times, good times.


Isn’t this an amazing view!  This was taken at the rehearsal from the ceremony site, Drees Pavilion.

cincy 003

RM ladies at the rehearsal dinner


me and Big Guy

me and Big Guy


Big Primpin’

Even though I wasn’t part of the wedding party (I did have a small reading part) KP was incredibly generous and allowed me to join her and her ladies the morning of the wedding where I got my hair-did and my makeup done for me.  It was such a treat!!!!

Carolina Blonde

I have not had a real beer in over a year.  And I couldn’t not have one on the party bus.  It was delicious and amazing and perfect for me.

incredible view (and my date isn’t too bad either)

The wedding was gorgeous.  It was the perfect mix of KP and Adam.  (And I realize now that KP is KM but I will never stop calling her KP.)

And then things got crazy…

The band that KP and Adam chose was awesome.  Crazy awesome.  Naked Karate Girls is their name.


I think that sums it up.




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