Grilled Pork Chops with Nectarines

Summertime = grilling.  Simple as that.  When I ask Big Guy what he wants for dinner on the weekends, his response is usually something along the lines of “Anything I can grill.”

So if you or anyone else in your household enjoys grilling, this recipe is for you.  Not only is the pork grilled but so are the nectarines.  Oh and it doesn’t hurt that the salad dressing is made with bacon drippings.  Muahahaha.

The pork (bone-in, please) is simply marinated in olive oil, garlic, rosemary (recipe called for thyme), salt and pepper for about 10 minutes (or more if you have the time) and then grilled to perfection.  The nectarines (or peaches, like I used) are also grilled after being sprinkled with sugar, cumin and ground red pepper.  I love a sweet and salty combo.  The nectarines are served with a dollop of cream cheese sweetened with a drizzle of honey.  Such a lovely combo.  And the salad.  Oh, the salad.  It’s super simple and starts with cooking 2 slices of center cut bacon.  Once the bacon is crisped, remove from pan and pour the bacon goodness into a bowl.  Sherry vinegar, mustard, honey, pepper and salt are added to make a simple salad dressing.

grilled to perfection

grilled to perfection

A dinner that is worthy of eating any day of the week (and only takes about 40 minutes to prepare).

grilled pork chop, bacon-herb salad, grilled peach

grilled pork chop, bacon-herb salad, grilled peach

Get your grill on.


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