Geer Street Garden

I had the best pimento cheese sandwich of my life on Saturday.  Here’s the story.

On Saturday we went to Crate and Barrel bright and early and finished up the registry.  Holy glasses!  If you want a cocktail of any kind, come on over – I got a glass for that.  But honestly, the process went super smooth and I added a few kitchen babies to my world (aka Kitchenaid Mixer and a dutch oven – EEK!!!).  Once we finished up there, we headed to Durham, which was recently named the “South’s Tastiest Town” in Southern Living.  Since we were so close to Durham we figured it was silly not to try one of the restaurants mentioned in the article.  We finally decided on Geer Street Garden, a former gas station turned restaurant.  We arrived around noon and had no problem finding a table – though we ultimately decided to sit at the bar.  There was lots of outdoor seating and had the picnic tables not been damp, I would have stayed out there (I had on white shorts – I’m so high maintenance).

After settling in and ordering a glass of prosecco (beer for Big Guy) it was time to make my mind up in regards to what I wanted to fill my stomach with.  The article encouraged ordering the burger.  I decided against the burger but I didn’t order my usual – a salad.  Instead, I ordered the grilled pimento cheese sandwich because they had the option of gluten-free bread.  Oh.em.gee.  Best decision of my life the day.

pimento cheese and bubbles

Y’all!!!  This pimento cheese sandwich was out of control.  The bread was toasted to perfection with an amazing amount of butter.  Yes, it was amazing.  When I make sandwiches at home, I use the spray EVOO…it’s just not the same.  And the cheese.  The cheese!!!  It was oozing out of every crevice imaginable.  I forced Big Guy to take a bite and he agreed, it was life-changing.  I don’t think I’ll ever meet a sandwich that compares to this particular one.  I do have to note that Big Guy did, in fact, order the burger (medium-rare) and it arrived well-done.  He was a little upset but it didn’t ruin his day.  The burger was still delicious but he was slightly bummed.  The fries, though, were incredibly crunchy and delicious.

Overall – amazing dining experience at Geer Street Garden and I would totally go back.

In fact, we talked with a couple next to us at the bar and have started making plans of what we need to do when we return to Durham.


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