Beer Queso and Margarita Chicken

The evening started with margaritas.  The creamsicle margaritas.  But the night only got more delicious from there.

Beer Queso

Beer Queso

Warning:  This cheese dip is highly addictive.  It may cause people to eat all the chips that are in the house.  It also will cause everyone to request the recipe.

cheese dip +margaritas = perfection

cheese dip +margaritas = perfection

The original recipe calls for chorizo (which I couldn’t find) but I used spicy breakfast sausage instead.  I think that the sausage makes it less “greasy” – not that chorizo grease is a bad thing.  I also left out the black beans since we had a full meal still headed our way.  The cheese is thin – but it thickens up as it cools (if people can wait that long).  I used Corona Light but I think that any Mexican beer would be fantastic – perhaps Modelo!  Happy dipping!

memorial 003

Margarita chicken

This chicken has been on my mind since I saw the recipe!  And the best part, the recipe is super easy.  We marinated the chicken all afternoon and I cannot tell you how tender and delicious it turned out.  I recommend using chicken thighs over chicken breasts to maximize flavor and juiciness.  Trust me.  A simply marinade of tequila (we used white tequila), lime and orange zest, lime and orange juice, agave, olive oil, salt and pepper results in super flavorful chicken dinner.  I served the chicken over cilantro-lime rice.  Simply white long-grain rice with a shot of lime juice and a handful of chopped cilantro.  So good!  I plopped a large dollop of guacamole on top of my chicken. I mean, guac makes everything better.

From the first sip to the last bite of chicken, this meal was a keeper!  I tripled the chicken recipe to feed 8 (including 4 men) and the cheese dip makes a TON!  No need to double or triple unless you want to eat that much dip (which is possible – but don’t blame me for a tummy ache).


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