Open-Faced Pastrami Omelet Sandwich

Don’t go running away yet….

I thought an omelet sandwich sounded a little weird, too.  And so did Big Guy.  But it’s delicious.  And ready in about 20 minutes.  Trust me.

Big Guy isn’t a lover of eggs – he does like scrambled eggs – and he thought that the quiche was the fluffiest thing ever.  He doesn’t believe I didn’t use any milk.  Nope, no secret ingredients here.

Simply eggs, pastrami, green onions, dill, salt and pepper.  But don’t leave off the cucumber salad.  It takes this ordinarily weird sandwich to an extremely delicious weird sandwich.

pastrami omelet

pastrami omelet

p.s. my new cookware does amazing things.

The recipe called for the omelet to be served on pumpernickel, which sounds incredible, but my stomach would rather the gluten-free variety.  So I went with what I had – regular gluten-free bread from TJs.

I toasted the bread, topped it with my portion of the omelet and then finished the open-faced sandwich off with cucumbers.

open-face to the face

open-face to the face

All the flavors of a deli find without all the calories.  I loved the notes of horseradish and mustard that the cucumbers brought to the plate.  Big Guy added a sprinkling of provolone to his omelet since he’s a cheese-with-my-eggs kind of guy.

I know it seems weird but it is fantastically perfect.

Try it for yourself.


2 thoughts on “Open-Faced Pastrami Omelet Sandwich

  1. Mustard and horseradish cucumber salad? Sounded weird at first. But then I thought…PICKLES! Pickles and eggs I can get behind.

    Also, I’m not sure if it is sad that I couldn’t figure out a link to the recipe, but knew it had to come from Cooking Light. [So I found it. :)]

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