Penne with Herbs, Tomatoes and Peas

One of my favorite parts of Spring and Summer is the availability of fresh herbs (and vegetables) in our garden.  The vegetables won’t be ready to harvest for a while but thankfully, I was able to snip a few fresh herbs last night for a super simple, healthy and light meatless-Monday pasta dish.  To make the Penne with Herbs, Tomatoes and Peas gluten-free, I simply used corn pasta (from Trader Joes) instead of regular wheat pasta.  Of course, fresh-from-the-garden tomatoes would be amazing in this dish but unfortunately, those aren’t ready yet.

pasta night

pasta night

In order to get this pasta dish on the table in around 30 minutes, get your pasta water on the stove top on high heat while you prep the rest of the ingredients.  Once it’s boiling, dump in the pasta and then begin making the “sauce.”  Honestly, waiting for the water to boil is the most challenging part of putting together this meal.  The recipe called for 3 tablespoons of olive oil and I cut that down to 2 tablespoons.  Other than that, no other major changes.

summer fresh

summer fresh

Feel free to play around with the vegetables that you use in this dish – I think that zucchini or squash would work wonderfully and if you don’t have basil or parsley, try using a different herb that you have on hand.  The possibilities are endless – just use the recipe as a guide for the basics.


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