Friday Favorites, Honeymoon Edition.

Oh how I wish there was a “rewind” button on life!  I want to go back and relive our wedding weekend and the honeymoon over and over and over again.  A lot of our time was spent simply laying low by the pool but we did a lot in the 9 days we were there. I promise to give a full recap of where we went for our honeymoon (Scrub Island in the BVIs) but for today I’m going to give you my Honeymoon Favorites!  And to be honest, the best part about these posts is that I get to relive the moments while posting the pictures.

Favorite View:  Waking up to this every.single.morning. was amazing.

Good morning from Scrub!

Favorite Place to Grab a Drink:  While on our honeymoon, we decided to rent a private boat and captain for a day and basically go island hopping.  And by island hopping, I mean, bar hopping.  One of our first stops was Cooper Island.  It’s easily my favorite place for a drink because there were bar tables in the ocean.  Had it been any later in the day, I wouldn’t have wanted to leave…  Wanna know the funny part about this picture?  Big Guy is the one that got the frozen drink!  Pinky’s up.

Cooper Island cocktails

Favorite Adventure:  By far, my favorite adventure of the trip was the island hopping day.  Here are some of my favorite pics capturing our day:

Cooper Island swing

Star fish at Cooper Island

Willy T’s

view from Soggy Dollar

Time to head back to Scrub!

Favorite Sunset:  This picture was taken on the ferry as we were on our way to dinner.

Beautiful sunset.

Favorite Drink at Scrub:  Sandie Split.  Sandie was one of our favorite employees at Scrub Island.  She made me this drink the first night we arrived and I had to have one every time she was behind the bar.  All I know is that there was lots of rum (light and dark) plus some orange juice.  The rest is Sandie’s secret.

Sandie Split


Favorite Dinner:  We ate some pretty amazing food everywhere we were, but my favorite dinner by far was our private dinner on the beach.  It wasn’t the food that made it my favorite but the company and the privacy was pretty hard to beat.  After a long few weeks of wedding preparation and the whirlwind of the wedding, this private dinner was much needed the second night of our honeymoon.

dinner for two

just us and the sounds of the ocean.

Favorite Frozen Drink:  Let’s be honest, we drank a lot of cocktails during our honeymoon.  But they weren’t one after the other – I promise there was lots of water in between each and every drink.  I mean, if you can have a drink at 11:30am on a Wednesday, why not?  The British Smile was one of my favorite frozen drinks – basically it’s a “skinny” bushwacker.

British Smile

British Smile in his hand, but no smile on this face.

Favorite Day of Relaxation:  I knew from the day we booked our honeymoon that I was going to spend a day at the spa.  Whether Big Guy was going to join me?  That was up in the air.  But he agreed and I’ve never seen that guy so relaxed in my life.  We did the full couples package and it was simply amazing.  Bonus – it was overcast that day, so I didn’t miss any of my sunshine time.

champs and relaxation

private infinity pool


Favorite Drink:  If I had to name my favorite drink of the whole trip, it would be the Kiwi Caipirinha from a hole-in-the-wall sushi joint we ran across in Tortola while killing time before dinner.  Y’all – this think was out of control.  Fresh kiwi, mint, lime and goodness muddled together.  And isn’t the color gorgeous?

kiwi cocktail

Favorite Picture:  Okay, I can’t really pick a favorite.  But I love this picture.

sandy hands

Favorite Husband:  Thank you, Big Guy, for the most amazing honeymoon I could have ever asked for.  It was the icing on the cake after the most perfect wedding.  I’ve always daydreamed about my honeymoon and my real honeymoon far surpassed anything I could have imagined.  And can I just say, it was even more amazing that Big Guy put up an email message saying he was out of the country and work wasn’t always on his mind (he got about 30 minutes a day to answer important stuff).  Big Guy works so incredibly hard every day and my favorite part of the honeymoon was having him all to myself.

Mr. and Mrs.

my favorite person

love you. (okay, done being lovey, dovey)


5 thoughts on “Friday Favorites, Honeymoon Edition.

  1. I absolutely adore this blog!!! YOU are simply beautiful and I’m so glad to call you my friend! ❤ You and Big Guy are the perfect pair!!! 🙂 Scrub Island, BVI looks amazing!!!!

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