Spicy Thai Basil Chicken

During the warm weather seasons I find myself craving light dinners.  But I don’t want to sacrifice taste in order for it to be light.  (Just to note – this is probably why I’m in love with Cooking Light magazine.)  I don’t want funky, expensive ingredients.  I want real food.  Delicious food.  Spicy Thai Basil Chicken is 100% real and 100% delicious.  \

I didn’t change up this recipe much or make many substitutions but I did forget to grab a serrano chili so I ended up using some spicy chile garlic sauce.  It worked like a charm – Big Guy was sweating (he’s a light weight, so don’t be scared of the recipe).  You could honestly leave the heat out if you like milder dishes and it would simply be Thai Basil Chicken.  But don’t leave out the basil, please!!!  The freshness of the herb gives so much flavor and brightness to this spicy, salty dish.  And the lettuce wraps provide some crunch while also taming the heat.

spicy thai basil chicken

spicy thai basil chicken

Don’t add in the basil too soon or let it remain on the heated stove top – that will make it wilt a little too much and it actually may brown from the heat.  Also, when purchasing ground chicken, be sure to look 93% lean or less.  If you’re not careful, ground chicken can be more fattening than ground beef.

lettuce wraps

lettuce wraps

Light, fresh, delicious and 100% real.  That’s the name of the game around here.


2 thoughts on “Spicy Thai Basil Chicken

  1. Thai food really just doesn’t taste as good without basil. I think that’s why I’m avoiding making the Thai Coconut Curry I had planned to make this week, because my Thai basil isn’t growing and I’m being stubborn. Maybe I can see what happens with mint. Mint and basil are in the same herbaceous family, aren’t they?

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