Charleston Eats

Wedding week is here!!!  I just don’t know how I’m going to focus on anything else this week.  I was trying to figure out what to blog about (don’t worry, I have some weekend eats (aka SALADS) to share but that can wait) and then I realized I never shared about the dining that went on in Charleston.  I love to read restaurant reviews, especially when I’m about to go to that city, so I want to write a few.  Now these reviews aren’t anything fancy – they’re just my honest opinion on the restaurant, taking into consideration the atmosphere, the staff and the FOOD.

First up, Hominy Grill.  We had scoped out several places to have brunch on Saturday morning but we didn’t make a reservation (most places don’t take ’em for lunch).  With that being said, we made a decision in the middle of the street to hit up Hominy Grill.  On the phone we were told we were about a 15 minute walk away and there was a table for 8 ready when we were standing in front of Toast (heard great things, bottomless mimosas – for an hour, just decided not to eat there).

Hominy Grill

Well, we walked…and we walked…and we walked…and finally after about 45 minutes we made it.  We were starving.  And thirsty.  There are many things that could have gone wrong at this moment – but things started looking really nice (except to the Buttercream Queen) when we realized we could enjoy cocktails (AKA mimosas) while waiting for our table (that table for 8 had just been sat when we arrived).

beauties…hungry beauties

So we all enjoyed a drink while waiting and took lots of pictures.  We also glared at the table of 8 hoping to encourage them to eat faster (kidding…kind of).


Finally, the table cleared and we cheered.  Oh, yes we did.  A round of drinks was a must.  Obviously I went for the mimosa but I heard the bloody’s were on point (I enjoyed snacking on their pickled okra).

day drinking is necessary

After glancing over the menu, we were ready to order.  Or so we thought.  We were going to order some appetizers (that’s how famished we were) but come to find out, those are only available during the week.  Major fail.  We did order some fried green tomatoes and they were delicious (I’m going to add – I did eat gluten over the weekend.  And it was totally worth every bite.)

To eat, we all ventured around the menu, but I ultimately went with the Low Country Omelette – Charleston red rice with shrimp gravy & home fries.  Y’all!  An omelette stuffed with dirty rice!!!!  It was awesome!  I cleaned my plate, well except for the biscuit.  That biscuit saved the Buttercream Queen’s life.

Charleston Omelette

A couple of hens ordered the Huevos Rancheros – poached eggs served with black beans, rice, tortilla, fresh salsa & avocado and raved about how incredible they were.  Oh, and their jam is the jam.  Someone, who will remain nameless that was saved by a biscuit wanted to steal the jam.


If you’re in Charleston, Hominy Grill is a MUST!  I totally recommend this restaurant.  Even after walking 45 minutes, waiting an hour and not being able to order appetizers, I would tell you to go.  The staff was amazingly friendly and sitting on the patio was just what I wanted to kick off the Saturday.

Post-brunch (about 2pm) we ventured to a bar/restaurant/dive called Fuel.  We obviously didn’t eat anything because we were stuffed but we did order a round of drinks while repeating over and over again how amazing the outside seating area was.  I want to go back and just sit for hours and hours and people watch.  And what do you know – I just realized it was featured on Triple D on the Food Network.  Now it’s even cooler!


Following that stop, we ventured around Charleston and after stopping at a few boutiques and bars, we made it back to get ready for dinner.

Dinner in Charleston…so many options!  I had heard of Husk and High Cotton and ultimately we made a reservation at  two places:  High Cotton and Anson.  (I am very disappointed to say that Husk would not make accommodations for a party of 8. )  In the end, we decided to go Anson.  It was a stones-throw away from our hotel and I was impressed with their website.  (Just to note – I’m sure that Husk and High Cotton are fantastic, but I feel that restaurants that get as much publicity as they do don’t have to work as hard to get customers to return…)

hen party

Anson was perfect!  Despite having a few glitches with our reservation (the night before) I was blown away by their service and food.  I stuck with drinking Prosceco (bottles for the table!!!!) but I will be returning for a cocktail (someday, mark my word).  The waiter gave us multiple suggestions and really was honest about dishes, as far as his favorites were.

Instead of ordering a large plate, I went with a salad and small plate.  I think most of the table did the same.

To start, GOLDEN BEETS Feta Cheese, Pecans, Radish, Arugula, Banyuls Vinegar.  

The salad was gorgeous when it arrived.  It was so colorful and so perfectly arranged.  Loved the plating!

Ultimately, I couldn’t turn down the pork belly.  I just can’t.  If it’s on a menu, I’m going to order it.  That’s just how it is.

PORK BELLY Corn And Cheddar Waffle, Hot Pepper Jelly, Sunnyside-Up Farm Egg & Succotash

The pork belly was just as melt-in-you-mouth as I imagined and I loved the hot pepper jelly combined with the egg and succotash.  I must note, the waffle wasn’t my favorite (and wasn’t worth the gluten – the only thing the whole trip).  Marlo also ordered this dish – she’s never had pork belly – and is not a pork belly-iver.

pork belly

Other dishes that were enjoyed by the table:

FRIED OKRA Cornmeal Dusted, Goat Cheese & Chili Oil – to die for.

PAN SEARED SCALLOPS Avocado, Grapefruit, Sweet Onion, Citrus Vinaigrette

 SHE CRAB SOUP Laced With Golden Sherry

SEARED SCALLOPS Ragout Of Field Peas, Okra, House Smoked Pork, Anson’s Grits

The thing I”m most thankful for – everyone loves to share (and taste other people’s plates)!!!!  So I tried it ALL.  Oh, and Peaches got a steak that had the most incredible spice rub on the outside.  I need that spice rub in my life.

And finally, breakfast on Sunday.

Poogan’s Porch.

All I’m going to say about this restaurant, order the Chicken and Waffles.  Don’t even look at anything else.

Crispy fried chicken breasts, waffles, blueberry Texas Pete maple syrupummm, the blueberry Texan Pete maple syrup needs to be bottled and sold.  I could not keep my fork off people’s plates.  I wanted to dip everything in that syrup.  Every single bite was better than the one before – and that never happens.  Sweet, savory, breakfast perfection.

chicken ‘n waffles

So those are our eats.

Hominy Grill
Poogan’s Porch

I’d recommend them all!!!!!!


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