Wedding Wednesday, 10 days.

Big Guy and I will say “I do.” in 10 days.  That means we’re in the single digits tomorrow.  Holy cow.  It seems like just yesterday I was picking out my wedding dress.  And next week my Momma picks up the dress for the last time.  What an incredible journey it’s been.

On Monday we got our marriage license paperwork.  Now all we need is the pastor’s signature and two witnesses.  It’s real, y’all!

There are little things that need to be completed, but for the most part all is said and done.

My To-Do List:

  • Wrap wedding party gifts
  • Anything Momma Bell tells me to do

Yep, that’s it.

I have written a Wedding Wednesday for over a year now (minus one week) and I can’t believe it’s coming to a close.  Don’t worry, post wedding I’ll catch everyone up on the events leading up to the wedding the week of plus all things reception.

April 27th is going to be the best day ever.


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