Wedding Wednesday, Random edition.

There is no rhyme or reason to anything in this edition of Wedding Wednesday.

1.  My Momma deserves “Mother of the Year.”

2.  I’m praying the “Mother of the Year” doesn’t lose it while tying up the lose ends over the next couple of weeks.

3.  We’re currently working on getting the programs printed.

programs in progress

4.  Who knew it would be so hard to find a microphone with a portable speaker.  I hope the guests can hear the us say “I do.”

5.  202.  Final head count.  If you didn’t RSVP, don’t show up.


6.  Big Guy claimed he was having an “anxiety” attack yesterday.



8.  The forecast for my bachelorette weekend looks fantastic!

9.  We got an email confirming our stay for the honeymoon and asking for our arrival itinerary.  Now THAT made me happy.

10. But in all honesty, no matter what :





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