Friday Favorites!

Can you believe Monday is April 1st?  Can you believe this weekend is Easter?  I have a fun weekend (hopefully relaxing, too) planned with our families.  I will get to see my entire family and I’m simply tickled pink.  I told Big Guy this morning that the most important task today is to find an Easter egg kit that simply lights my world on fire.  I live to dye eggs.  I’m serious.  I hope you enjoy your (hopefully) 3-day weekend and I’ll see y’all back here in April!

Favorite Chicken on the Grill: Ummm, wine in my marinade?  Yes, please.

Favorite Corner:  Simply put, My name is Emily and I adore bar carts.

Favorite Color Palette:  The planning of my wedding may be coming to an end but that doesn’t mean I can’t brainstorm for other people.

Favorite Side Item:  Fruit and Nut Slaw.  Perhaps someone will let me put this on the table Saturday night.  (Though, I’d use feta or goat cheese instead of blue.)

Favorite Cocktail:  This will probably be “my” drink of 2013:  Coconut Lime Mojito.

Favorite LWD:  I’m on the hunt for a LWD (little white dress) for my hen party coming up (read: in TWO weeks!!!!!!!!!) and I wish I could find one that looks this good on me.

Favorite Workout to Try:  This will be in the rotation next week!


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