Monday Confessions.

1.  I wrote this post on Friday.  (The weekends are just too precious to be blogging, folks!)  So you’ll just have to wait until tomorrow to hear about my weekend…unless you follow me on Instagram.

2.  I made an Apple-Stuffed Strata weeks ago when my family was visiting.

basil chicken 004


3.  This breakfast bake is the perfect lazy Sunday breakfast because you make it the night before.

4.  I didn’t eat the breakfast bake because it had good ole bread in it.  But it did smell incredible in the oven.  Just what I wanted my guests to wake up to.

5.  I don’t normally make Big Guy breakfast in the mornings.

6.  He doesn’t really like breakfast.  Though he’s digging Chobani lately.

7.  Big Guy pronounces Chobani differently every time he says it.

8.  Don’t get him started on trying to pronounce Fage.

9.  According to Big Guy, Chobani > Fage.

10. It’s only Monday and I’m wishing it was Friday.


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