Remember how last week was so crazy?  Well these Cuban-inspired black beans saved the day last Monday night.  I had a meeting after work so Big Guy was in charge of dinner.  I picked this recipe knowing he was going to have to fully execute getting dinner on the table – which will only take you about 20 minutes.

This dish is not lacking in flavor!  Garlic, onion, cumin, oregano and a bay leaf lends tons of flavor to the black beans (that you actually don’t rinse – a rarity).  I forgot to grab some cilantro at the store so we went without.  Thankfully the guac that we topped it all with had a hint of cilantro shining through.  We served the black beans on a bed of jasmine rice.  These black beans only get better with time as all the flavors mesh.

bb 001


On top, a dollop massive amount of guac.  This guacamole is actually the reduced-guilt version of guac that I picked up at Trader Joe’s.  Don’t get me wrong, I love some full-fat guacamole but I’m also a sucker for trying something new that I see whenever I get to TJ’s.  This guacamole is made with a base of guacamole added to Greek yogurt – so you get a huge punch of protein.  You could taste a large amount of lime flavor but I’m sure that was to keep the guac from browning.

bb 002

Quick, easy, finished in 20 minutes and delicioso.  What more could you want?



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