Monday Musings

Happy Monday, everyone!

1.  Big Guy has been dealing with some sinus/inner ear pressure.  He Googles everything.  Here is him trying out one of his “Google cures.”

2.  Not everything he reads on the “intra-net” works.  (“Intra-net” is how Big Guy refers to the “internet”)

3.  On Friday night I had a lovely dinner with with my sister.

4.  It started with wine (duh!).

5.  Then we had sushi (from Kami).  We ordered three specialty rolls – they were amazing and totally hit the spot.

6.  We ended the night at Target.  All sister dates need a trip to Target!

7.  On Saturday night, we had a family dinner!  Maggie made guac (which is awesome!!!!) and I made a Jalapeno Popper Chili.  I subbed in lean ground beef for the ground chicken.  It was  fantastic!

8.  February is here!  I hope it’s a super sweet month for you.


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