Bourbon Blondies

This past weekend I realized that I had not baked since Christmas.  Christmas I tell you!  That’s unheard of.  Well, I put on my apron and ended my non-baking streak on Sunday.  I baked cookies for me and bourbon blondies for him.  To say that these were successful is an understatement – Big Guy returned the container (empty) promptly on Monday evening after taking all the leftovers to work.

As for the cookies I baked myself…peanut butter and chocolate chunks.  Enough said.  But it gets better – they’re gluten-free.  So I got to actually enjoy my baking.  They didn’t photograph well but they sure did taste delicious and that’s all that matters.  I have a few more gluten-free cookies I have up my sleeve “pinned” on Pinterest that I can’t wait to try.  Even non-gluten-free folks loved these rich, decadent cookies.

And onto the bourbon blondies!  It’s pretty obvious that Big Guy is a fan of blondies (aka ME – har-har-har) and you can believe he loves a blondie even more when you throw some bourbon (Maker’s Mark, please) in (another har-har-har).  Since I don’t drink bourbon, this is as close to a bourbon blonde that he’s going to get.

sipndip 007


The ingredients aren’t too complicated – unless you don’t keep bourbon on hand – but don’t leave it out.  And don’t leave out the walnuts.  That was actually the first thing he noted that he loved the most about these bars.

sipndip 008


Are you a bourbon lover?  (I actually really like bourbon in a lot of recipes…just not in my drink!)

sipndip 009


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