Sip ‘n Dip!

I’m on a roll with football food!  If Big Guy and I happen to be around the house on a Saturday evening, there’s almost always going to be an appetizer involved.  This appetizer has less than 5 ingredients and is super simple to pull together.  I served our hot Parmesan dip with sweet potato fries (Alexia brand – found in the frozen food section) but anything would pair nicely with this super flavorful dip.  I happened to have all the ingredients on hand for the dip – you might, too!

Cream cheese (how can you go wrong?)

Greek yogurt (I used 0%)

Parmesan Cheese

That’s it.  I actually garnished the dip, after baking, with a little green onion.  And I sprinkled the sweet potato fries with cilantro for even more flavor.  Use what ever herbs you have on hand.

sipndip 004

How gorgeous are is that football food?  Not quite as messy as yesterdays.  Instead, this is full of cheesiness!  And all Superbowl watchers need to eat something cheesy.

sipndip 005

What’s your favorite dip?  (Or sip?)


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