Unfriendly Weather

It’s the last Friday in January…can you believe that Christmas was a month ago?  The weatherman is calling for some unfriendly weather today which caused me to cancel my dinner date with the Buttercream Queen.  I’m bummed.  But I still have a date lined up with her.

Sooooo…let’s get to the Friday Favorites and just forget about this unfriendly weather for a few!

Favorite Biscuit:  Does this not remind you of Bojangle’s Bo-Berry Biscuit?  If you’re not from the South, you won’t understand (bless your heart).

Cousin of the Bo-Berry Biscuit

Favorite Warm-me-up Dinner:  Weather that’s not leaving the 30s makes me want soup.  This Cheesy Taco Soup would warm up any cold night.

Warm me up!

Favorite Stud:  I could see myself wearing these lovely Kate Spade earrings more than once a week.


just lovely

Favorite Superbowl Snack:  I’ve been a nacho lover since I was a young one.  I will never forget ordering nachos with the neon cheese sauce at every Charlotte Hornet’s game I went to with my Dad.

nacho love

Favorite Spin on a Southern Staple:  Cinnamon + Pistachios + Chicken Salad (plus it’s lightened up!) = AMAZING.

Southern Staple with a Twist

Favorite Workout:  I think I’ll bust this out tomorrow morning!  It’s a boredom buster.

Saturday AM workout

Favorite Cookie:  Chewy and full of chocolate and peanut butter.  I’m in (it’s gluten-free!).

get in my mouth.

Favorite Cocktail:  This makes me ready for summer.  Bring on the warm weather and mojitos!

cocktail time!

Favorite Rules:  I would for sure follow these rules, especially while sippin’ one of those gorgeous mojitos.


rules i want to follow

Favorite Promise:  I would love to include this somewhere in our ceremony.


ceremony verse

Favorite Way to Start the Day:  Happy Day!




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