99 Days to go!

Guess what…99 days ’til THE day.  And it’s Friday.  Today’s a good day.

We’ve got a big weekend ahead and Monday’s a holiday for this girl so I’m super pumped.  Helllllo, Sunday Funday.  Now let’s get to the good stuff:

Favorite Book to Read:  Seeing as lots of wedding stuff is happening, this book only seems appropriate.  A story of a dysfunctional wedding weekend and complicated relationships. She blends social satire with a creative plot that covers love, desire, infidelity, and the risk of living a false life.

Favorite Funny:  Seriously though, maybe she is the problem!

Favorite Sunday Night Comfort Meal:  The Pioneer Woman does no wrong.  Sunday Night Stew.

Favorite Use of Pastel:  I would love this in a beach house!

Favorite Use of Avocados:  Make it into the salad bowl!

Favorite Truth:  

Favorite Splurge:  Last week it was Ohio, this week it’s all about Texas Fries.

Enjoy your weekend!


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