Wedding Wednesday: Rehearsal Dinner Planning

I can’t believe it’s time to plan the rehearsal dinner!  Time is flyin’, folks!

rehearsal dinner inspiration

On Saturday, Big Guy and I will sit down with his parents to discuss any and all things rehearsal dinner related!  We know where we’re having the rehearsal dinner, the country club, so at least that major decision is taken care of.  Also, our friend happens to be the chef at the club so he’s going to be joining us for part of the meeting to help plan the menu (because let’s the honest, the food is one of the more important parts!).

What’s a perfect rehearsal dinner look like?  To be honest, I know that “perfection” doesn’t exist.  But I do want it to be more intimate and low-key than the reception.  My personality craves small groups more than large groups.  The thought of 300 (gasp!) folks watching we walk down the aisle is kind of daunting, if I’m telling you the truth.  However, we really have no choice since we both have large families and different circles of friends.  Don’t get me wrong – I’m super excited about the party after the vows but in my mind the rehearsal dinner is a time for the families to really get to know each other more and for us to get the chance to talk to the most important people in our lives.

by the way, I’m obsessed with this napkin fold.

So what do we have to talk about on Saturday, in one word “lots”, but here’s a few topics of discussion:

  • Menu (the most fun part!)
  • Invite list
  • Invitations
  • Table decor (flowers, linens, etc.)
  • Place cards/seating arrangement

place card inspiration

I know there’s probably much more to discuss but I can assure you that we won’t be lacking in conversation!  Oh, and I’ve taken care of the groom’s cake!  I’m so excited I could squeal.  I hope he loves it as much as I think he will.

Other rehearsal-related details (that are only important to me):  my dress!  my hair!  my makeup!

Here are some pics inspiring me…




pop of color


love the bow



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