Wedding Wednesday, less than 4 months.

Wedding Wednesday is back!  Part of me feels like there is so much to share and part of me feels like there isn’t.  This past weekend I was texting Momma about our invitations and such and it hit me:  I’m getting married.  I know, I know.  I’ve been “getting married” for over a year now but trust me (if you’ve had a long engagement you understand), it’s just now starting to feel like it’s getting close.  The wedding dress was a major decision that really made me feel like a bride but now that we’re less than 4 months away and my calendar is starting to fill up, it’s really starting to feel real.

ohhhh, Pinterest

We were able to check a few things off the list, like the suits for the groomsmen and my earrings (thanks, Momma and Daddy!) but there are still some things on the list that need to be tended to.  We need to sit down with the Preacher to really plan out the ceremony, I’m working on picking out the reading for one of Big Guy’s sisters (trying to decide whether I want it to be scripture or not), we need to make sure invitations have been ordered (I know Momma is in control of this), we need to figure out for sure what we want to do with regards to favors and I have one more gift I need to purchase for my lovely bridesmaids.

unfortunately it’s true

Despite the to-do list (that I know will only grow), I am so.stinking.excited about a few things!  My sister (the MOH) is hard at work planning my “hen party” and I still have no idea where we’re going!  I absolutely cannot wait to spend a whole weekend with some of my favorite ladies!!!!

Maggie’s “Hen” Party!

I’m also super excited because some of our friends here are throwing us a cocktail party in February!!!!  The theme leans more towards  “stock the bar” which is absolutely perfect for us…Big Guy claims he’s always wanted that kind of party.  KP and Marlo are two of my best friends and I am completely honored that they would put so much work into a party for us.  Obviously I’ll share more deets once the party takes place.


Oh, y’all!  I’m just so thrilled about the next few months!  Buckle up, ’cause it’s going to fly by!!!!!


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