Bombay Shrimp Curry with Coconut Jasmine Rice

We’ve been eating leftovers for days.  I take that back, Big Guy has been eating leftovers for days.  I’ve been throwing together salads while he subsided on food from our NYE dinner party and our New Year’s day feast.  He was ready for something different.  No pork, no beef.  Shrimp for the win.

mahi shrimp 004


These luscious shrimp were transformed into an Indian-inspired Bombay Shrimp Curry.  Before I began working on the shrimp, I began cooking the rice. I combined the rice with 1 cup of low-fat coconut milk and 1 cup water (recipe suggested using instant rice so I had to up the amount of liquid).  Bring to a boil, stir, reduce heat and cover, simmering until all the liquid is absorbed.

The shrimp are seasoned with salt and pepper and then sauteed until cooked through.  The shrimp are then removed from the pan and set aside while the curry part is made.  Onions are sauteed and seasoned with the spices that make this dish:  curry powder, mustard seeds and cinnamon.  I love when cinnamon adds a special taste to savory dishes.  In addition to the onions, frozen green peas are added (I couldn’t find the combo of peas and carrots) with water and then simmered before warming up the shrimp.

Serve the tender, succulent shrimp on top of the fluffy, coconut-scented rice for a dinner that will make you appreciate not eating leftovers.

mahi shrimp 006


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