Friday Favorites…It’s almost Christmas!!!!

It’s Friday.  I’m off work until next year (hah).  I’m the hap-hap-happiest girl right now.  Cheers to Friday and to Christmas!

Favorite Cocktail for Christmas Night/Dadom’s Birthday Dinner:

White Christmas Sangria

Favorite Cheese Board:  There are few things better in life than wine, cheese and good friends.

from spoonforkbacon

Favorite After-Dinner Cocktail:  Dessert in a glass.

sugar cookie martini

Favorite Holiday Circuit: After sangria…cheese…and cocktails I’m going to need to sprinkle in some of these throughout the next week.


Favorite Last-Minute Gift:  My momma, my sister and me all adore this candle.  Available at Anthropologie.

volcano candle

Favorite Christmas Card:  Simply hilarious.

the joy of children

Favorite Scarf:  So classy…so chic!

bow scarf

Merry Christmas to you ALL!


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