Friday Favorites: Food for Holiday Parties

Whether it’s an intimated dinner party or a full-fledged tacky Christmas party…here’s a few of my favorite “pins” of food to take to a holiday party this year…

Favorite “Spin” on a Favorite App:  I adore bacon wrapped dates so why not try apricots?

Favorite One-Bite App:  Goat cheese + Bacon + Roasted Red Pepper

Favorite Salad:  How fun is this?  Cornbread Layer Salad.

Favorite Cookie:  You had me at salted caramel…

Favorite “No-Cook” App:  Antipasto Skewers.  I’m obsessed with mini pickles, and yes, I know they’re not called mini pickles.

Favorite “Sweet ‘n Savory” App:  Jerk Chicken topped with Rum Glazed Pineapple.  

Favorite Spiced Nut:  First of all, I love pistachios. Secondly, maple makes everything better…kind of like bacon.

Favorite for a “Brunch-time” Party:  I’m a little obsessed with butternut squash lately…they’re like little nuggets of gold, I tell you.

Favorite Cocktail:  Because it’s not a Christmas party if there’s no cocktail involved.  Just sayin’.

Happy Partying!


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