First Friday Favorites of October

I was getting tired of having the title “Friday Favorites” hence the long title of this post.  But it’s the usual – my Friday Favorites from Pinterest.

Favorite Fall photo: This makes me like fall.

Favorite Must-Have for Fall:  Going Incognito by Essie

Favorite Football Food:  Kicked-Up Spinach Dip.  I’m 99.9% sure this is happening Saturday.  And no, it’s not a “light ‘n healthy” food.

Favorite Comfy Clothes:  If I owned this sweater, I would wear it every Sunday during the Fall and Winter.  With leggings.  And thick socks.  (Boy, wouldn’t I be attractive?)

Favorite Bite:  Sweet Potato Casserole Bites.  I squealed when I came across these cute lil things.

Favorite Cocktail:  I’m kicking myself for not buying clementines at TJs this week.

Favorite Bathroom “Upgrade”:  Instead of a towel rod…

What’s your “Friday Favorite”?


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