Life is about moderation.  I basically eat healthy 80% of the time with 20% of my time being filled with all things “non-vegetable related.”  Life is too delicious not to enjoy all the things that fall in the “20” category.  Ice cream, fries, frosting, fried pickles…I could go on.

So today I have one “80” bite for you and one “20” bite sip for you.

The 80:

Tomato Stack Salad.  I used tomatoes from our garden plus a gorgeous yellow tomato from the store to add some color.  I also left out the corn.  We had an appetizer so I didn’t feel the need to add the corn – and I’m trying to save those precious baggies of corn for a rainy fall day.  Instead of center-cut bacon, we used boar bacon.  Don’t ask.  You send Big Guy to a “fancy” store (aka Whole Foods) along and that’s what happens.  I did not add the final drizzle of oil – unnecessary.  This was an incredible side dish.  Served alongside fresh caught grouper.

The 20:


Roasted Blueberry Basil Mojito.    I followed the recipe expect I’m more of a rum girl instead of tequila (it was still light outside…I didn’t need tequila).  This was amazing – I think that the blueberry-basil “mash” would be fantastic on top of pork or chicken.  Incredible.  The roasted blueberries added so much flavor. For one drink:  3 tablespoons of the blueberry “mash” (simply syrup), 2 shots white rum, squeeze of lime juice and finished off with club soda for a little sparkle.

Some nights you need a tomato stack and some days you just need a mojito.


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