Recipe Hoarder

I hoard recipes (like this girl).  I gather them, stuff them in a manilla folder and hope to someday make them.  Sometimes that “someday” comes a few weeks down the road and other times “someday” never comes.  I’m glad I didn’t hoard this recipe.  This recipe was posted June 21st.  I pinned it June 21st, printed it out June 21st and proceeded to make the dish on June 23rd.  It never had a chance in the manilla folder.

The recipe is fairly simple but it is so worth any prep needed.  I decided to actually marinate the chicken before grilling.  I used the same ingredients that was in the sauce and simply marinated the chicken.   In the mix:  honey, rice vinegar, BBQ sauce (Sweet Baby Ray’s this time ’round), soy sauce (gluten free), garlic and red pepper flakes.

After about an hour of swimming in the marinade, Big Guy threw the chicken on the grill.  The marinade was then poured into a skillet.

While the chicken was marinating, I made the salsa.  Make this.  Now.  It’s eat-straight-off-the-spoon worthy.  Sweet, juicy blueberries paired with the most scrumptious peach ever (from Whole Foods) with some a little heat from a jalapeno (straight from the garden), a zip from cilantro and a little tartness from the lime.  The red onion added a nice crunch and flavor to the mix – plus more gorgeous color.

Once the chicken was done grilled, we sliced and threw into the sauce which was then brought to a boil and simmered until slightly thick and the chicken was cooked through.

We served this sweet and spicy glazed chicken on top of Food Should Taste Good multigrain chips.  Topped with cheese and the cool salsa.

The most colorful nachos I’ve ever made.


One thought on “Recipe Hoarder

  1. Good thing I have an excess of bluberries and a VERY ripe peach hanging out in my fridge (and in my fruit basket, respectively) right now.

    I was just thinking about remaking my cherry peach salsa, but perhaps I should go for the blue?

    As for recipe hoarding, maybe we should make it into a TLC show. People get ambushed and forced to cook as many recipes from their folders and binders as they can in a week, with a budget of $1000 or something.

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