Let-Us (W)rap.

Judging by the title of this post, I’ve lost it.  As much as I’ve lost it, this girl’s got it going on.  These Buffalo Chicken BLAT wraps were not only delicious but they were healthy.  So, let’s get our (w)rap on.

First you cook up your chicken tenderloins with a sprinkling of the dry ranch seasoning.  Once cooked, remove from heat and let it cool before you chop.  After chopping into bite size pieces, toss with some hot wing sauce (Frank’s is rather tasty).  You’ll also need to cook up some bacon (gasp!  bacon during the week) and drain the oil on a paper towel.  Also, chop your tomatoes in half, and slice your avocado right before serving.  Then it’s time to assemble:

And instead of the usual wrap, butter lettuce was the wrap (which is why bacon was totally acceptable).

Then wrap and eat!!!  It may get a little messy…

BLAT!  Not only was this a great dinner but it would be great to snack on while watching sports.


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