Nectarine Kiwi Quinoa Salad

If you’re not in the mood for Spring – this salad will help get you there.  It’s seriously bursting with flavors that make me want to put on my bikini and hit the beach.  Not only that, this salad is full of amazing good-for-you foods (which makes putting on a bikini a little less scary, minus how pale I am)!!!!  This recipe contains 2 of the top 10 superfoods:  quinoa and kiwi.  Quinoa is considered a complete protein and is a great alternative to rice (way more protein).  Kiwi is full of vitamin C – and it’s delicious – which helps with fat burning.

The most difficult part of preparing this dinner is waiting for the quinoa to cool!  Simply cook up 1 cup of quinoa in 2 cups of water (this takes about 15 minutes) and then cool.  While the quinoa is cooling – prep the rest of the salad.  Chop up your kiwi (I like the skin on kiwis but I didn’t think Big Guy would approve) and your nectarines (the original recipe called for mango – which would be equally tropical – I just had white nectarines on hand from TJs that I couldn’t let go to waste).  Slice up some green onions (or chop up a red onion like the recipe called for) for a little punch of flavor.  You’ll also need to halve a handful of grape tomatoes (about 1 cup total).  Finally, whisk together the dressing:  EVOO (another superfood), sesame oil, lime zest and juice, ginger, rice vinegar and a little brown sugar.

When the quinoa has cooled down, add in the chopped fruit and tomatoes then pour on the dressing.  Mix and then fold in your green onions.  I served ours on top of an arugula and spinach mix.  Seriously delicious and full of flavor!

A want more of this salad!  It was good that night and it made for awesome leftovers.  This may be my new favorite lunch for Spring and Summer!!!



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