Pin it, the obsession continues.

1.  I’m still obsessed with Pinterest.  And my obsession with Iowa Girl Eats hasn’t gone away either.  She has the best recipes!  Her recipe post yesterdayhad me drooling!

2. I finally found the perfect shoe for my bridesmaids (and a pair that I want OH-SO-BAD just ’cause) but I’d have to win the lottery to buy them for all my maids.

3.  How cute is this for decorating this time of year?

4. Pork Chops with Pineapple Fried Rice.  A meal both Big Guy and I would love!  And it’s from his girl crush!

5. Sometimes simple is absolutely stunning.  Love this idea for reception table centerpieces.

6. I love shorts.  I love patterned shorts even more.

7. I think Big Guy would be okay with this engagement picture.

8. I would have never thought to put stripes on the ceiling – but I like it!  A lot.

9. And since it’s the 9th of March, we’ll end on #9 with a cocktail I wouldn’t mind having come 5pm.


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