The first Friday of 2012.

1.  The second to last Friday of 2011 I got engaged.  And I’m still as excited as I was three weeks ago.

2.  Last Friday, I decided it would be fun to pass out from eating a hot potato (true story), hit my head on everything in sight (steel sink, cement floor) and ended up in the ER.  Good times, good times.  Not.  I’m going to be fine – so don’t start worrying your little hearts out now…but keep my wallet in your prayers…that ER bill isn’t going to be pretty.

3.  Big Guy turned 29 on New Year’s Eve.  I was a very bad girlfriend, I mean, wifey-to-be and did not dedicate a post to him.  I hope he forgives me and doesn’t take back the rock that sparkles on my left hand.

4.  I wonder what he wished for?

5.  He should get his wish seeing his birthday is on New Year’s Eve and then we ate a feast on New Year’s Day – complete with collards, smoked pork chops and black-eyed peas.

6.  Today is the first Friday of 2012.  I can assure you I plan on it being uneventful.  Last Friday was enough.  Perhaps I’ll surround myself with wedding magazines and work my way through the DVR list.

7.  But I do have big plans for the second Saturday of 2012.  Date night with the Queen of Buttercream.  (Leann, that’s your new nickname).  It will involve wine, THIS appetizer, a salmon dinner and lots of girl talk.

8.  Last week, Big Guy and I watched The Help.  The movie was better than the book.  Don’t try to tell me otherwise.

9.  I have two bags of meyer lemons sitting on my kitchen counter.  Any suggestions of what I just HAVE to make?  Big Guy, how do you feel about Baked Meyer Lemon Fries on Sunday?  You dig?

10.  I have recorded that I worked out 17, 615 minutes in 2011.  Can I make it 18, 000 in 2012?


6 thoughts on “The first Friday of 2012.

  1. You what? And we didn’t know it? Glad you are much better. Careful not to pass out with sight of that ER bill. Proud of that exercise record. You amaze me.

    • I’m not quite sure if it was the pain from the 425 degree potato or if I “choked” it down because it was so hot. The first time I’ve ever passed out and it was not something I want to experience again. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog!!!!

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