Highlights from 27.

Year 27 has come to a close.  And year 28 starts today!  It’s been a wonderful year and I have a feeling 28 is going to be even better.  Do I feel 28?  I’m not really sure what 28 is supposed to feel like. But I do know that I’m healthier and happier than ever and I’m loved more than any girl deserves.

This meal isn’t necessarily a “highlight” but the fact that Big Guy really enjoyed my cooking makes me smile.  When he exclaims that something is “better than…” I feel like I’ve accomplished something.  I simply love cooking for others.

The ECU vs. UNC weekend was so.much.fun.  Reunion with the Bell boys (Buff and Meat head) and the whole Watson clan was there.

Perfecting banana bread is a highlight.  But only because I never thought I’d be able to make naner bread like Momma Bell.  Especially not at 27.

Natalie came to visit!!!!  Having your best friend states away isn’t fun.  But weekends when we’re together are EPIC.

A sister weekend last November was awesome.  Especially since I found out I was going to be Auntie Em several months later.

Entertaining in our home.  Always fun.

My first Thanksgiving “feast” with Big Guy.

Our first Christmas in our home.  Even though Trevor the Tree enjoyed the floor more than we would have liked.

A tacky Christmas sweater party at KP and Adam’s.  So.much.fun.

Starting a beautiful relationship between Smokey and Big Guy.

Pizza.  (I’ve been inspired to compile all my pizza recipes…be on the lookout.)  But our pizza throwdown was a GOOD TIME!

Maggie’s Birthday Weekend!!!!

Kat’s visit over V-day weekend!

Celebrating 3-years with Big Guy.

New friends!


Date nights and updating our home.

Discovering my love for all things avocado.

St. Thomas was incredible.

Memorial Day weekend with my family and Big Guy.

Learning I’m going to be an Aunt!

4th of July at Hatteras!  A weekend full of laughs and friends.

Making cobbler for 200 people.

Book club ladies!

Learning I’m an artist and a girl’s only weekend in Raleigh!

Knowing that this guy is my guy.


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