This weekend can be summed up by saying “Good times with good people.”

Kiersten and me


meat head

Friday night, once Kiersten and Taylor had arrived, we went out for a drink and then headed home for an app-tastic dinner.  Sometimes I love “snacking” my way through a meal.  A little of this, a little of that.

Honestly though, the whole reason for the app-tastic dinner:  I’ve been craving stuffed dates like a crazy woman.

Dates stuffed with honey goat cheese and wrapped in bacon.  What a mouth-full.  Literally.  And on the right, home-grown jalapenos stuffed with veggie cream cheese and a little bit of bacon.  Bacon is totally necessary.

ohmydelicious.  meltinyourmouthamazing.

The app-tastic line-up also included coconut chicken tenders.  Big Guy loves coconut shrimp – but Meat head is allergic to shrimp – so I went with chicken.  These turned out fabulous despite the blurry pics (I was just so excited).

My plate.  Don’t worry, I went back for another date.  And on top of the tenders, two different dipping sauces…one was a Mango Coconut and the other Sweet Chili Sauce.

Seriously, those dates are out of control.  Best appetizer ever.


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