An Eggcelent Dinner

You thought I was going to post a crock-pot meal, didn’t you?  Seeing as it’s the last day of the month, that would be appropriate.  But I’m not.  I used the crock-pot for our St. Patty’s Day meal but I thought that was cheating.  To stick with my 2011 resolutions, I decided to have a crock-pot meal cooking while we were at an engagement party on Saturday.  To my suprise, we didn’t leave Raleigh until 10pm…once home, Big Guy went to bed and I ate a bowl of my crock-pot meal alone.  No pics.  I know, sad.  So the rest has been frozen and I’ll share later.  Mooooooooving along…

Not only is this a meatless meal, but it’s an “egg” dish that’s hearty enough for dinner.  I saw this Spanish Omelette in a magazine while getting a manicure and I asked permission to rip it out because I just HAD to make it.  Thankfully they let me tear apart their magazine.  That or they didn’t understand what I asked.

what you'll need

plus 10 eggs

Eggs catch a lot of criticism but they’re actually super healthy.  They help you build muslce and burn fat. 

thinly sliced

I think I ended up using about 5 red potatoes.  My hand-held mandoline slicer came in very handy for this dinner. 


Did you know today is National (po)Tater Day?  Well it is.  Potatoes are super healthy, too.  French fries aren’t, potatoes are.

veggie time

A red pepper would have been super pretty in this omelette.

in go the eggs

Once the eggs start to pull away from the side and set, place in the oven to finish the cooking process.  I think I let my eggs cook a little long on the stove top, they were a little “done” on the bottom.


peas aren't Spanish.

This was very satisfying and filling but light at the same time.  This would also be an egggggcelent brunch idea. 😉  It’s a BLD kind of meal (breakfast, lunch or dinner), in the words of Racheal Ray.

p.s. where is spring?  and when is this rain going to stop?


3 thoughts on “An Eggcelent Dinner

  1. Spring is in Austin. Come visit. 🙂

    We can make Spanish tortas (I think that’s the “official” name for it) and purposefully cook the bottoms too much, because just as much as I love runny eggs…I love crispy eggs (and cheese) too!

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