Date Night Template

Anytime Big Guy and I have a designated “date night” we seem to follow the same template.  Steaks, side, wine.  Well, wine for me.  He’s on his own with bourbon and vodka tonics.  And you’ve seen plenty of ribeyes featured and plenty of asparagus or brussels.  Well, we switched it up on our latest “date night.”  Instead of ribeyes we had filets, instead of our usual go-to salt and pepper and garlic EVOO we used a “Best Ever” marinade recipe and instead of just simply roasting the asparagus and switched it up by adding tomatoes and goat cheese. 

Big Guy likes to google “best ever ______” for anything and everything in life.  “Best brunch in Nashville,” “Best way to smoke almonds.”  And I guess on Friday he googled “Best Ever Filet.”  It turned out pretty fantastic.  It made way more than we needed because Big Guy forgot to mention the recipe was for a whole tenderloin but I’d rather have too much marinade than not enough.  While Big Guy grilled the filets to perfection, I got to work on Asparagus with Balsamic Tomatoes.  I deviated from the recipe a little bit and actually roasted them instead of boiling them.  I love roasted veggies.

date night dinner

Big Guy also wrapped the filets with a slice of center cut bacon.  Bacon love.


I absolutely loved the tomatoes with the asparagus and the goat cheese.  But what wouldn’t I love with goat cheese? 

Do you have a “date night” template?

In other news, Big Guy wants to be a painter when he grows up.

burnt bush

Big Guy gets all the credit.  He picked the color and he did all the painting and clean-up.  Why didn’t I help?  He says it’s more helpful that I just stay out-of-the-way.  Ummmm, kay.

making a house a home


I’m not sure I can leave him alone in the house any more.  There’s no telling what he’ll paint.


6 thoughts on “Date Night Template

  1. Yummy on the food!!! Thank you for sharing the “treat”! One square down, one to go–but I’m saving that sucka for later! 😉 And L-O-V-E the new paint color!!

    • Well, you have your fair share of “night’s on the town” to fun restaurants and dives! You just wait…you’ll find someone that loves bacon and random nut butters as much as you do one day.

    • That’s something worth being sad about.
      Have you found a replacement for your beloved cup of coffee in the AM?
      Andddddd I get to see you in less than a month. Hip hip horray!

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