The “Other” Nashville, part 3.

If you can’t tell, Nashville has been the best weekend of 2011. 

While exploring on Saturday morning, we stumbled across Puckett’s Grocery and Restaurant.  We had talked about eating at the Farmers Market but decided against it in favor of sitting inside a restaurant.  Puckett’s was adorable inside.  It started as a grocery store in the 50s so the inside is still reminiscent of a grocery store.  They have quite a selection on the menu and breakfast is pretty much served all day on Saturdays.  Knowing we were going to be having brunch on Sunday, I opted out of the breakfast fare.  (So did Big Guy – but that’s typical – he’s not a “breakfast” kind of guy.)  To start, we got the sausage and cheese platter.  Holy huge.  I stuck with the smoked sausage and it was awesome – especially with their BBQ sauce.

sausage and sunlight

We were tempted by the green bean fries but decided we had plenty of fried goodness (hellllllo, sweet potato fries and truffle chips). 

And for lunch, I kept it simple with a salad. 

strawbs, feta and walnuts

Isn’t it gorg?  I thought so.  And it was even more delicious.  A little heavy on the feta, but feta makes it betta, right?

Big Guy opted for some BBQ…Puckett’s BBQ Platter.

BBQ platter

The best part of this platter (because we all know I tried everything Big Guy ordered over the weekend) was the sweet tator fries (totally made up for Friday’s cold fries) and the according to Big Guy – the Cajun Corn Cakes.  They were like little cornbread pancakes.  Puckett’s was a perfect Saturday lunch.

After a little more exploring, it was time to get ready for our “big night out.” 

Our night started at 5pm with a drink at The Patterson House.  I had heard this was a bar we had to visit.  And once Big Guy heard they had a Bacon Old Fashioned on the menu, he couldn’t wait to visit either.  I took a few pics (or tried) of our drinks but honestly, you must visit this bar if you’re in the Midtown area of Nashville.  And when you walk into the bar, you feel like you’re entering into a secret society club meeting.  Awesome atmosphere.  Like nothing I’ve ever experienced.  Bookshelves lined the walls and velvet curtains.  Booths were available but we sat at the bar.  With our drinks, we enjoyed some black-eyed pea hummus.  The bartenders are more like artists of drinks.  I mean, I could have watched them mix drinks for hours.  A pour here, a drop there, shake this one, stir that one.  I was blown away.  And let me just say, the Bacon Old Fashioned smelled just like smoked bacon.  (The taste, well…I wasn’t a fan – but Big Guy is still talking about it.) a drink?!?!

Once we settled up there, it was off to the Grand Ole Opry!!!!!!!  I’m going to be honest, I didn’t really know what to expect when we bit the bullet and bought tickets last week but I’m so glad we did.  I guess it’s something you just must do if you’re in Nashville.  It’s kind of like going to the Statue of Liberty if you’re in NYC. 

the opry!!!!!!

I laughed every time they ended a set and had a commercial.  It was like a real commercial.

loved it!

There was everything from throw-back country (stuff I didn’t recognize but my Grandparents – or Big Guy – would love) to music you currently hear on mainstream radio.  Such a mix of music and talent.

the one and only - Charlie Daniels

Of course he played “Devil went down to Georgia…” and of course I sang along.  I couldn’t stop smiling during the entire 2 hour show. 

Other performers we saw:  Craig Morgan, Steve Wariner, and James Wesley.  Other than Mr. Daniels, I thought Craig Morgan’s songs were the best (probably because they’re the most popular).

Promptly following the show, we were off to dinner.

to be continued…


One thought on “The “Other” Nashville, part 3.

  1. SO FUN! I have to say that I tried a mixed drink made with duck confit-infused something or other a few weeks ago and I wasn’t really a fan, despite really wanting to be. I am proud of you for trying the bacon old fashioned though. 🙂 I just cannot believe how delicious EVERYTHING you’ve eaten looks…I need to make another trip to Nashville.

    Did you ever make it to Loveless??? I can’t wait to find out…[I’ve never been there but it’s so famous…]

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