The “other” stuff.

It’s become fairly common that most of my delicious eats happen on the weekend.  Hence Monday’s post and Tuesday’s decadent cookie post.  This is one of those weeks where dinner was quick and painless due to work and Big Guy being in Georgia all week.  Basically – not blog worthy.  (I’m talking bagel thins, eggs for dinner, soup, etc.)  Therefore I hoard my weekend eats in my picture folders so that I can reveal them to you throughout the week. 

So here’s the “other” stuff that was made in our kitchen last weekend…

When I saw a recipe in my Cooking Light magazine it screamed “MAKE THIS FOR BIG GUY.”  I mean, he’s crazy-in-love with blue cheese and recently we’ve been obsessed with dates.  On Friday night I decided to make Big Guy fall crazy-in-love with me (not that he already isn’t) by making a Date, Walnut and Blue Cheese Ball.   My plan didn’t work like I imagined.  Fail.

um, where's the cheese ball?

Basically, the “ball” part never happened.  I mean, let’s just make it a dip.  And so I did.  And then I warmed it in the oven.  And it was better than the cold cheese “ball.”  I will say that it was a little heavy on a lemon-flavor.  I’d tone that down a bit.  But I think for now I’ll stick with my blue cheese pecan dip and date balls.  Big Guy loves me enough anyways. 

dip it

And some more “other” stuff.  The “stuff” I ate before those to-die-for cookies during the Superbowl. 

"hot wing" chicken and sweet tator fries

Big Guy smoked again on Sunday.  (Don’t worry, Momma.  Not cigs.  Smokey Robinson.)  We decided to make a more “Superbowlish” smoked chicken and he used a buttermilk brine with hot sauce and wing seasoning.  It soaked overnight.  I hate to say it, but there wasn’t enough salt.  Boo.Hiss.  I still love you, Big Guy…and Smokey.  The chicken was okay…not near as perfect as the chicken we had a couple of weekends ago.  But Smokey and Big Guy have Saturday to redeem themselves.

Along with the not-so-hot-wing-chicken, sweet potato fries.  From the freezer.  I purchased the Alexia Sweet and Spicy Sweet Potato Fries a while back and have been waiting for the chance to try them.  Superbowl was the perfect occasion – especially after I “slaved” in the kitchen over 2-sticks-of-butter-cookies.  (just saying.)

sweet tator fries

Yum yum yum.  When I decide I need these again, I’ll bake them for about 4 minutes longer.  I like crisp fries.  Go on,  print yourself a coupon.  4.5 out of 5 stars.

So there’s the “other” eats from the weekend.

I may have one more up my sleeve.

I’m saving that for tomorrow.


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