A Meal of Thanks

If any of you are out shopping in the madness called Black Friday, you’re crazy.  I’m enjoying a leisure morning full of coffee and laughter with my family.  But I must catch you up on what went down last Sunday.

Big Guy and I don’t spend Thanksgiving Day together – instead, I go visit my family and he goes to see his.  Once we’re married, that will change.  I kid, I kid.  This year, I decided I wanted to have a “traditional” Thanksgiving meal with him – even if it was early.  We had ourselves a thankful little Sunday.  It was full of turkey, sides and a sweet treat.  But it was also a meal full of thanks. 

preppin' the turkey

Since it was just us two, we opted for a turkey breast.  Big Guy really wanted to throw a ginormous gobbler on BQ, but not this year – he threw a smaller gobbler on BQ instead.  I figured Big Guy had a plan for this turkey…but I was wrong.  Thankfully I had a back-up recipe on file.


Big Guy liked this part a little too much.  It made him giddy like a school girl. 

As for the rub – I followed Rach’s (yes, we’re on a first-name basis) recipes pretty strictly.  Of course I amped up the garlic.  One thing I did wrong (thankfully it didn’t mess with the flavor)…use regular mustard.  Don’t try to use grainy mustard – it makes it verrrrry hard to rub on the turkey.  Therefore, our turkey got quite the massage.

Onto the sides!  This was my responsibility (after of course finding a recipe for Big Guy)…

I knew I wanted to have sweet potatoes.  But not a sweet potato casserole – I left that up to my Mawmaw.  I decided on the Rosemary Mashed Sweet Potatoes with Shallots.  These were everything I want in mashed potatoes and more.  There was a huge amount of flavor from the shallots (I caramelized them in garlic EVOO) and the fresh rosemary was a perfect match. 

better than i expected

And along side the sweet potatoes, some brussels.  I kind of combined a few recipes I had seen around the blog world and came up with my own little side dish.  Brussels with pom arils, walnuts and prosciutto.  Such a great flavor combo – but I honestly think bacon would have been a better pairing…bacon makes everything better.


The pom arils added a little POP in every bite. 

For dessert – Pecan Cheesecake Bars. 

creamy, dreamy, amazing

I loved the cheesecake layer paired with the almost-shortbread-like crust.  That whole pan would have been trouble around me – it was sent to work with Big Guy on Monday.  Thanks boys, for saving me the stomach-ache.

And finally – the show stopper:

perfect little gobbler

Seriously – don’t tell Pawpaw, but that was the tastiest turkey I’ve ever had.  I guess the injection step was worth all the school girl giggles.

perfect little Thanksgiving

In fact, it’s kind of nice having two Thanksgivings this year…

p.s. Christmas Tree season starts today…I see lots of sappy pants in my future….


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