Oh nuts.

Monday again? 

Let’s just get to it.  I baked on Friday afternoon.  And I burnt nuts.  Good times.

But first, the success.  “Purple Velvet” Chocolate Chip Cookies.  I tried to be festive and make the cookies purple for my Pirates – but the cocoa took over and they were brown.  They were deeelicious however, so it wasn’t a fail.  I just failed when it came to color.

the necessary ingredients

cocoa runined the day.


I wasn’t going to let cocoa ruin all my fun – so I topped added some GOLD frosting.

goooooooo pirates!

About those burnt nuts…Luckily I made two batches and only one got ruined.  I’m still not sure how it happened since they were both in the oven at the same time…

I was going to take a batch the tailgate but I got selfish and kept the unburnt nuts at home.  Big Guy will agree this can be seen as a good move or a bad move.  These are seriously addicting.  Cashews are my all-time favorite, but I wasn’t a hater on Friday so I used unsalted mixed nuts.

first round of toasting

moroccan spices

I don’t even know what makes it Moroccan but it was good. 

honey glaze

burnt nuts

addictive nuts (hah)

Then there was a day full of tailgating and Pirate football.

And then on Sunday all I wanted was salad.  I needed some greens in my life.


But we needed to spend some time with BQ, so Big Guy grilled up some honey cinnamon chicken.


This marinade was good – but it’s not one of our favorites.  We’re tough critics these days.

Then I went to bed at 8pm.  Now it’s time to tackle the week…


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