What a Weekend!

Seriously, can I rewind and go back to last Friday and do it all over again?  I absolutely love reunions with the sibs and I hate when they come to an end.  I’m hoping there’s another mini-reunion come Labor Day…Pirate football, Logz?!?!  Say “yes.”

The weekend started like any 21st birthday weekend should – with cupcakes (and Jager) for the birthday boy!

The starting line up:

5 ingredients.  that's it.

Here’s what you need for the most delicious Banana Toffee Cupcakes ever! 

1 box yellow cake mix
1 can diet Sprite
2 ripe bananas (about 1 cup mashed)
1 teaspoon vanilla
1/2 cup toffee bits
Combine cake mix, diet Sprite, mashed bananas and vanilla.  Mix well.  Fill cupcake tins with liners about 2/3 of the way up.  Sprinkle with toffee bits.  Bake 18-20 minutes or until a toothpick comes out clean.  Enjoy!!!

I had no complaints when these were served. 

Here’s a few more pics from the weekend:

time for presents

For his birthday, Logan got a gallon of Jager (disgusting, might I add), a case of Red Bull (even more disgusting), shot glasses, and a 5-gallon bucket to throw up in (disgusting but thankfully it wasn’t needed). 

Happy 21st Logan!

Village Idiots

dancin' at Grandma's

sober pic for Momma

sippy cup for alcohol

 I’m pretty sure Logan is still recovering.  But it was worth it! 

Recap of Pawley’s to come….Ohhhh, Moan-day.


2 thoughts on “What a Weekend!

  1. I’m so glad you all had a fab “Logan’s B-Day Weekend!!!” 🙂 I’ll get details–soon!! BTW: I luv Chirs’ sippy cup!!!! Too funny…

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