Nut butter, nut butttter, NUT BUTTTTTTTTER

The first thing we made with the new food processor – you guessed it:  nut butter.  And we didn’t keep it simple.  No peanuts or almonds in sight.  I mean, if you’re going to make nut butter – make some dang nut butter!!!  Side note:  I was so excited about making nut butter I literally kept saying “nut butter” in varying tones.  Another side note:  Big Guy does not like when I call any kind of nut butter “nut butter.”  Weirdo.  <nuttttt butttttttttttter>  teeehehehehe.

The first nut butter we experimented with was vanilla cinnamon pecan butter.  I mean, does it get any better sounding?  I think not.  Big Guy didn’t believe that you simply put the pecans in the food processor and just whirled away.  He kept asking “what else do we add?  what else needs to go in there to make it creamy?  this isn’t going to work.”  I finally forced him to examine all the nut butters in the pantry and to let me know the ingredients.  (insert “told you so.”)

I doubled the recipe and it made just enough to fit in a mason jar.  I followed the recipe exactly – now, if you want it creamier – I would suggest adding a little more oil.  But I don’t mind it a little thick.

he doubted me. won't he ever learn?

You do have to scrape the sides down every so often…but it’s totally worth the effort.  I really can’t wait to experiment with more NUUUTTTTTT BUTTTTTTERS.  🙂

pecan butter!

There’s a very good chance my Friday morning treat will involve pecan butter, y’all.  Yummmm.


3 thoughts on “Nut butter, nut butttter, NUT BUTTTTTTTTER

  1. Pecan ‘nut butter’ sounds AHHH-MAZING!! I love pecans!

    I made my very first nut butter last week, too! Cashew butter in the Vita-Mix! It was a little thick as well, but I prefer not having to add extra oil. I can’t wait to experiment with MORE nut butters!!

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